A leading manufacture of foundry fluxes and Chemicals

foundry fluxes

We give below the range of following products:

  • Fluxes for Brass industry, with specialized fluxes for better recovery from furnings/borings
  • Fluxes for Aluminium Industry covering and Refining fluxes modifier flux for grain refinement
  • Degassing and Nucleant tablets
  • Flux for zinc and Zinc Alloys
  • Flux for DHP and DLP Copper,with gas removing tablets (1.5" and 3" Height)
  • Flux for Cu-Ni alloys with gas removing tablets (1.5" and 3" Height)
  • Fluxes for Gun Metal and Phosphor-Bronze
  • Fluxes for Aluminium Bronze melting
  • Flux to remove Aluminium from melts for Gun Metal,Phosphor Bronze,Brass,Copper etc.
  • Flux to remove Sulpher from non-ferrous metals
  • Slag Coagulants: to thicken the slag
  • Mold coat power: As a dressing for ingots and molds
  • Oil Based Die Coats for Copper and bbrass
  • Die Coats for Aluminium and Zinc Die Casting

We design products as per the customer's specific requirements
We are regular exporter to Nepal
Our esteemed clients are disturbuted in Maharashtra, Gujrat, Andhra Pradesh and Haryana


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