PROJECTWhy Maharashtra ?
Largest state in terms of GSDP with GSDP of USD 390 bn
CAGR growth of 7% between 2011-12 and 2015-16 reaching INR 16,59,776 cr.
Contributes 15% to indias's national income at current prices
Second largest state in india in terms of populations with geographical area of about 3.08 lakh
Highly urbanized with 45.2 percent people residing in urban areas.
Ranks amongst the top five states in the country in terms of GVA, total output, employment and number of factories.
Attracted cumulative FDI of INR 533,411cr between April 2000 and December 2016, representing 31% of the total cumulative FDI inflow in the country.
Futuristic policy framework for industrial and maritime growth

To be highly effective,proficentaccountable and progressive maritime agency that is committed to position Maharashtra as a leading state in terms of maritime activity
Objectives :

To be a facilitator for the maritime sector:
Provide infrastructure support and services to all marine-related activities
Fast tracking clearances
Enhancing revenues to sustain and increase the ambit of its activities
Enhancing skill sets of people employed in the maritime sector

Promote Maritime infrastructure development:
Developing greenfield/brownfield ports through public private partnerships
Developing shipyards/jetties
Creating a conductive policy environment for increasing private sector investments
Enhancing overall port connectivity through expansion of rail/road/inland waterways/coastal shipping services
Encouraging passenger and cargo transport via inland waterways/coastal shipping

Encourage port-based special economic zones/industrial estates and corridors:
Creating a conducive policy environment for maritime industries
Creating synergies between tourism and maritime activities.


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