A project under IIUS scheme Govt.of India funded by
Govt.of India and govt. of Maharashtra

Marathwada Auto Cluster is an IIUS project supported by Ministry of commerce and industry,govt.of India and Govt.of Maharashtra
Initiated by Chamber Of Marathwada Industries and Agriculture (CMIA), Aurangabad.

This is Section 8, earlier sec 25 Company with public private partnership approach.

It is "Not For Profit" Organisation

Facilities at Marathwada \Auto Cluster
Engineering library

Marathwada Auto cluster has an state of art engineering Library, Digital Library and reading room.
The Engineering Library's physical collection consists of approximately 500 print volumes with another 2 million technical reports held digitally.
The Engineering Library's collection has established to serve the industrial area of Marathwada region.

Design Centre
We have a state of art design centre which has various design software which are capable of the design and testing of new product processes and product types.

Rapid prototyping :RPT plastic
3D scanner
Standard room : Inspection facility

Cutting and slitting Line
Tool room : High Presion Machine Shop


Marathwada Association of small scale industries and agriculture
History / formation of the association
The first generation young entrepreneurs started their small units with a great enthusiasm in seventies. In the course of their business,they were caught by different problems and interpretation of govt rules in negative way and what not. The young entrepreneurs were bluntly hammered at the initial stage of their business. Having observed that everybody is facing common problems in addition to the technical,administrative and production problems some of the entrepreneurs from Chikalthana MIDC areas came together and decided to from an Association to tackle the common issues and represent them to the right platform for solutions. Considering these aspects, nine entrepreneurs decided to establish an association under the name and style 'industries Association of young Entrepreneurs' (IAYE)
Aurangabad. This was the story in the year 1976.
Further, in view to cover all MSMEs andentrepreneurs from agriculture sector of the Marathwada region, name of the association was changed to Marathwada Association of Small Scale Industries and Agriculture (MASSIA) in the year 2003-04

Growth of Association :
MASSIA is the largest association of micro,small and medium Enterprises in Marathwada region.
Strength : 1260 +MSME Members from Chikalthana,Waluj,Shendra and around Aurangabad peripheral.

Main objects of the Association :
Promote industrial Technology, Research and Development in the various fields for optimum utilization and to creat environment to attract investment on national and international level.
Encourage and assist people in Marathwada to tale up and persue industrial, agriculture and commercial occupations and to strive for the development of their entrepreneurial abilities.
Arrange seminars, workshops, training programs, conferences, exhibitions and international study Tours for the benefits of MSMEs.
Make representations to Central and/or State Government, Local, Public or Semi-public authorities, Executives or Legislative on any matter directly or indirectly affecting trade, commerce and industry.

Significant Achievements of the Association:
ISO certification
BMO Accreditation under Silver Grade by QCI/NABET
Formation of lean manufacturing Clusters: Successful implementation of 10 lean manufacturing clusters under NPC and permitted to form additional 2 Lean Clusters .MASSIA is the first association who have implemented more than 10 lean clusters in the nation.
Oxygen Rich MIDC project successfully implemented and conducted tree palantation on open spaces in MIDC area at Walunj and Chikalthana. Plantation of 70000 tress and developed green belts making industrial area clean,green,beautiful and oxygen rich.
International study tour EMO 2017 Germany conducted in September 2017 and 60 members had participated and visited the event,Skoda company.
Developed association's Corporate office at Chikalthana.
Product Display Centre and industrial library at Walunj office with advanced facilities.
Blood Donation camps at Chikalthana and Walunj.
Advantage Maharashtra Expo 2017 held in January 2017. 300 Exhibitors, more nthan 75000 visitors. Event generated business to MSMEs.


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