Ivp is a public listed Company, was founded in 1929
We started with vegitables oils and later diversified into an arrary of fields.
We were originally part of the TATA group but later got acquired by the Allanas. Today we are an integral part of the allana Group.
We were first company to manufacture Foundry Chemicales in india in technical collaboration with M/s Ashland Inc way back in 1965
Our manufacturing plants at Tarapur and Bangalore have a combined annual capacity of approximately 50,000 MT per annum catering to the foundry, composistes, refractory and insulation industries in India andneighboring countries.

Quality Vision
• Deliver right and time in order to help coustomers achieve their goals.
• Enhance quality continually and meet compliance standards always
• Leverage best practices and six sigma tools for continual improvement
• Improve internal processes on a continual basis so as to achive productivity gains
• Value suppliers, service providers, employees
• Empower stakeholders returning healthy rate of returns
• Raise our performances level on anh ongoing basis so as to become valued business partners to customers

Environmental Vision

• Nurture proactive initiatives to improve environmental performances
• Understand environmental aspects and mitigate their impact through timely actions
• Raise environmental consciousness among own people. Suppliers and community
• Train people to always improve environmental performance
• Understand and address environmental hazards arising from internal processes
• Reduce environmental emissions, water and power costs through innovation
• Engage people and communities through special programs

What we aspire to be

A leading innovator of value adding chemicals for diverse applications
A responsible manufacture of superior quality products while maintaining the highest standards of safety, healt and environment protection
A preferred partner of choice for the customers in the industries we serve



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